Exceptional Longevity at High-Temperatures

Precision Machining Qualities

Marketing Leading High Density C/C

Carbon/Carbon Reinforced Composites

Neftec is a leading manufacturer of carbon fibre reinforced carbon composites, also commonly referred to as Carbon/Carbon Composites, CFC or C/C Composites. These advanced materials are known for their exceptional strength, durability in high temperature environments, and lightweight properties. Carbon Carbon Composites are composed of carbon fibre layers impregnated with a carbon matrix, resulting in a highly reinforced and rigid structure.

Neftec's Short Fibre C/C Composite 

We specialise in Short-Fibre C/C, this is can be known as chopped, random length and or random weave C/C. This type of C/C has many advantages over conventional plain woven Carbon Carbon. The advantages include, excellent machining qualities, higher Inter-laminar strength (greater reduction in de-lamination) and high density.

Neftec’s Carbon Carbon Composites it’s usually referred to as a 2.5D Composite due to the structure of the Carbon bonds between each laminate layer. It sits in-between long-fibre woven 2D and 3D composites. In basic terms, it means it offers similar strength advantages of 3D Composites but with comparable cost on par with 2D Composites.

Lightweight 1/5th The Weight of Iron

Thermal stability up to 2400ºC 

High Resistance to Thermal Shock

Carbon Manufacturing defined by the 'PM Method'

At Neftec we have developed a highly advanced manufacturing technology called ‘PM’. The ‘PM Method’ unique to Neftec allows us to produce exceptional high-strength composites with shorter production times. The PM methods involves a highly developed pre-production and production methods. 

While the technological details are closely guarded, the advancements in the production cycles in this process allows us to have shorter production times while producing even higher quality C/C Composites.

This helps us reduce post-production costs, due to a reduction in waste material and energy consumption.

Inter-laminar strength - Understand the Importance

There has always been an emphasis placed on tensile strength as being one of key areas to determine overall strength of a C/C composites. While an important attribute for overall C/C strength, at Neftec we are keen to highlight that is not the most important factor to determine the strength and longevity of your C/C Composite. The focus should be on Inter-laminar strength. (ILSS)  

Our extensive experience in C/C manufacturing and machining has shown that the lead cause to premature failure of a C/C composite is due to the low ILSS strength value. The ILSS strength is the value between each laminate layer and low value will mean a greater risk of de-lamination which is the leading cause to C/C failure. Neftec's C/C Composite has the highest ILSS value on the market and even rivalling some 3D composites. 

This important value gives our customers the peace of mind that they are investing in a C/C Composite that provides exceptional strength and longevity.  

Very Low Thermal Expansion

Resistant to Corrosion and Radiation

High Resistance To Fracture

Reducing our Environmental Impact

Today is vital we as a company work to help reduce our carbon foot print and environmental impact. There are three ways we are doing this that have a positive effect on what we have on the environment as a company but also on how it also helps our customers reduce their impact to. 

  • One: Through our manufacturing. Our PM Method allows for the reduction in heat-cycles, raw material consumption and waste. VS traditional manufacturing techniques this reduces our energy consumption.  We are also investing in greener production plants with solar power.
  • Two: A key benefit moving to Carbon/Carbon is it's energy savings. Carbon/Carbon requires a lot less energy to reach optimal temperatures. Thus helping customer's reduce their energy consumption and lowering their carbon footprint.
  • Three: We work closely with leading Photovoltaic manufacturers. Our C/C is a key component to the production of Solar cells used in both domestic and industrial areas. Working together we are driving down the cost for production and allow Solar cells accessible to all.

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