PC Series Sheets and Plates

Neftec offers a range of Plates and sheets in a diverse range of sizes and thicknesses. We offer some of the most comprehensive sizes on the market. 

The PC Series consists of 4 main products. PC70, PC70H, PC30 and PC70i all these products suit a variety or applications. However PC70 is the fundamental product we offer that covers 90% of all Heat-treatment applications and would cover most users needs. The remaining products, PC70H, PC30 and PC70i are dedicated to specialist applications. You can read more about these below.    

Simplified Carbon/Carbon Solutions

We believe in a more simplified approach with our product line. Our PC series covers very specific areas which helps users to easily identify the correct material that suits their needs. 


PC70 is our primary Carbon/Carbon Composite that we offer. A PAN based fibre, it covers nearly all aspects of heat-treatment and high-temperature applications working up to 2000°c in an inert atmosphere. This includes being used for precision machined parts, like threads and fixtures to heating elements. 

PC70 has class leading high performance, strength and durability while being cost effective solution for all. 


PC70H is a higher strength version of PC70 reserved for specialist applications that demand higher durability. PC70 already has class leading stress and PC70H builds on this further.  PC70H is capable of working up to 2000°c in an inert atmosphere.

The difference between PC70 and PC70 is the additional impregnation and heat-treatment round. This further increases the strength and density. 


PC30 is derived from PC70 and designed to operate at higher inert atmospheres of temperatures up 2400°c. Still retaining the same qualities of PC70 but with a higher operating temperature. PC30 is suited for those applications that need a Carbon/Carbon that operate in a more demanding environment. 


PC70i is aimed for applications that require material that is not as porous. All C/C has a porous structure. We have developed a material that has an additional impregnation to close up the small pores. This makes it far easier to wash the C/C during quenching. PC70i cannot operate above temperatures of 1100°c.

Plates and Sheet Sizes

Dimensions and thicknesses available:

Thicknesses from 1.2mm to 100mm 

- 250 x 1000 mm
- 1000 x 1000 mm
- 1120 x 1120 mm
- 1500 x 1500 mm
- 2000 x 1000 mm
- 2250 x 1100 mm

*Some sizes are special request

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